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Vehicular abilities

We are very excited to share our recent development milestone: vehicular abilities.

This immersive feature introduces a massive upgrade to the variance and replayability of the game in addition to adding a deeper tactical layer and personalized approach to each race.

Vehicular abilities can be visualized as crucial components (or “perks” if you will) that affect both the performance and behaviour of the vehicle. For example: speed boost, damage reduction, primary and secondary weapons, self repair and increased controls.

The usage of such abilities cost Rage (the main resource of the game) which is generated over time and can be gained additionally by performing various actions throughout the race.

The core of the abilities is built around 3 factions; Enhance, Offence and Defence.

Every ability belongs to one to these factions. The player can combine different abilities in the vehicle loadout. Currently each vehicle has several ability slots, which in turn reflect the play style, and the chances to beat the race and the other racers.

The variance of the abilities creates a plethora of specific vehicle loadouts. One player can choose to load only weapons and clear the way from any competition, the second can load various vehicle improvements, and leave its opponents in the dust, while the third can combine abilities from different factions and choose a response for every encounter.

While most components of the ability feature are complete (core mechanics, AI support, UI visualization, abilities pool), we are still finalizing the balance of the abilities that will help us achieve the best in-race experience for you guys!

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